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Kitchen Styles

Extended Elan Fogged Oak

Kitchen Styles 

Choosing a kitchen style is a key starting point when embarking on a bespoke kitchen project. By establishing a basic look and feel, you can then start to narrow down on specifics such as appliances, finishes, cabinets, cupboards and sinks. Choosing a style of kitchen is a matter of personal preference but it should fit seamlessly with the character of your home and exist to deliver a vision of what you wish to achieve. 

At Angel Interiors we have been delivering bespoke kitchens in Bristol for over 20 years and have always fought to stay away from the two-dimensional narrative of kitchen styles as being either “old” or “new”. Choice is the precursor to individualism and creativity which is why we offer an extended array of different kitchen styles poised to suit your every possible desire. Click on our ranges to find out more.

  • Infinity Kitchens
    Combining both a homely welcome with cool sophistication, our modern kitchens represent a sleek yet affable option.
  • Contemporary Kitchen Designers
    Streamline your entire kitchen by getting rid of protruding handles. J-grip ledges allow easy access and promote a clean uncluttered look.
  • Connaught
    The recessed panel cabinetry of a shaker kitchen creates an accentuated panel that’s symmetrical, striking and uncluttered as it is beautiful.
  • Hermitage Kitchens
    Uniquely crafted kitchen designs tailored to your every wish, down to the smallest detail.  
  • Familiar and inviting, traditional kitchens wield a timeless charm and rely on the use of natural materials and elegant detail.   
  • Hermitage Kitchens
    Tapered surfaces, minimalistic designs and neutral colour schemes create a sophisticated space that serves multiple functions.
  • MBS Muswell
    Relive some of the most iconic designs throughout history with our selection of classic kitchens.

Why Is Choosing The Right Kitchen Style Important?


The key to an above average kitchen is special, visual and functional uniformity. All of these factors must work in tandem with each other otherwise you run the risk of ending up with a kitchen that’s full of contradictions and looks muddled.

Extended Elan Fogged Oak
Infinity Kitchens

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Picking out a new kitchen can be daunting considering the abundance of choice available. If you would like to talk about kitchen styles or have any questions, fill out an enquiry form or contact us today on 01275 59 53 59

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