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Kitchen Showrooms

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Bespoke Kitchen Showroom in Bristol

Our kitchen showroom is based on Chew road in Winford and is home to a variety of elegant kitchen fittings spanning a wide range of styles. No matter your preference, Angel Interiors is one of the few bespoke kitchen showrooms in Bristol to offer such an abundance of design options whilst applying them on a personalised level. As a bespoke kitchen designer much of our philosophy is focused on detail, personalisation and the all important “personal touch” which is why we implore our clients to visit our showroom. 

A kitchen is the heart of the home so it’s crucial to get every single detail correct.

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Cosmetics and visuals only account for a portion of what makes a breathtaking kitchen. Whilst photographs give a good indication of what may look pleasing to the eye they can’t give a representation of what it feels like. The tactile element of a kitchen is very important as this has a direct impact on functionality, workflow and the user experience. The leverage of the handle over a cupboard door, the feel of the quartz worktop or the resistance when you slam a soft-close draw – these are all key considerations that can only be tested in a real showroom environment.


Similarly to tactillity, texture is another important factor that can’t be overlooked, especially when it comes to committing to things like colour schemes and materials. Cabinets, worktops, taps and appliances will all be subject to the unique variables of your kitchen space. For example if your kitchen enjoys plenty of natural light, it may make the colour of your cabinets appear lighter than you thought or may reflect off the stainless steel hood to create a disruptive glare. Seeing these objects close up in a showroom environment gives you a clear representation of what they are like in real life.

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Expert Advice 

Our showroom is a great way to get immediate answers to the questions you have about a bespoke kitchen. Our team of seasoned experts have over 20 years experience making us one of the most experienced kitchen showrooms in Bristol when it comes to our niche. Our team will be able to offer advice, guidance and knowledge across every single aspect of the design process allowing you to feel comfortable and informed.  

Take the step to transform your house into a home. Send us an enquiry or call our kitchen showroom today on 01275 59 53 59

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