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Kitchen Designers

Award-Winning Kitchen Designers

Kitchens are more than just a place to cook and eat, they are in fact central hubs that emanate a sense of personality and make a statement whilst also functioning on a practical level. Finding the perfect balance between these factors can be quite the task which is why at Angel Interiors, we employ some of the most talented kitchen designers in Bristol. We will take time to understand everything about your desires both in terms of cosmetic, spatial and day-to-day requirements. We’ll then work hand-in-hand with you to build the kitchen of your dreams providing our expertise and recommendations in line with your wishes.

LED Kitchen Design

1) Send An Enquiry 

The route to the bespoke kitchen of your dreams starts by making an online enquiry, a phone call or a showroom visit. From this, a member of our design studio will contact you and find out more about your wishes and vision. This will include things like budget, style preference, timeframes, colors and appliances and the overall goals you want to achieve with your new kitchen. 

2) The Design Consultation

The next step is the design consultation stage in which your own design consultant will survey your kitchen space, record measurements, dimensions and take note of any natural light patterns. They will seek to get a first hand sense of your existing kitchen space before presenting their ideas in the form of ideas, mockups and visual concepts.

Industrial Kitchen Design

3) Quote & Installation

We don’t rush out clients. Once every aspect of the design is fine-tuned to your satisfaction, only then will we will then provide you with a quote. This is of course based on a mutually agreed project timetable that’s convenient for you. Throughout the crafting and installation of your kitchen, your design manager will continue to work with you throughout the project.

4) Aftercare

Our attention to detail and refusal to compromise on quality has won us a reputation for being one of the most revered kitchen designers in Bristol and the South West. Complementary to this is our approach to client care especially post installation. Your design manager will conduct regular checks following installation to make sure everything is working as it should and to answer any questions you may have.  

Olive Green Kitchen

Us And You

Our kitchen design philosophy centres on 100% integration between us and you. Far too often many kitchen designers don’t deliver as best they should because they don’t take enough time to understand their clients. We believe in close partnerships where your vision drives the project and our experience delivers it. 


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