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Hermitage Kitchens


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Bold & Sophisticated Contemporary Kitchens

Contemporary kitchens represent a departure from the more known traditional/classic approaches to interior design. Simplicity, nutrality and streamlining underpin the building blocks of this stylish and sophisticated look. At Angel Interiors we have over 20 years direct experience in providing all maner or contemporary design layouts for our clients.

The philosophy of cleanliness and de-cluttering is partly down to the changing nature of kitchens in today’s society. Rather than just a shut-off area of the house dedicated for only food preparation, kitchens have become the hub of the home. The neccessity of socialising, working, eating, cooking and entertaining guests has led to want for a muli-functional space and an adoption of the contemporary style.

Integrated & Streamlined

At Angel Interiors we fit contemporary kitchens that represent an intersection between functionallity and style. A stong aesthetic uniformity is achieved by eliminating as much surface protrusion as possible. Integrated appliances are usually built into cupboard units as a way of de-cluttering and keeping the area clean.

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Stoneham Kitchens

Spacious & Airy

The contemporary style is very conducive to de-stressing and relaxing, a requirement that is becoming ever more pressing in our daily lives. We spend an incredible 12% of our lives in the kitchen so it makes good sense to tailor the environment to be as easy, freeing and ergonomic as possible. One of the major draws of contemporary kitchen design is that the heavy emphasis on space and light makes them suitable for even the most spatially challenged of environments.

Hermitage Infinity Kitchen

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We are specialists when it comes to contemporary kitchens. With 20 years combined design experience and hundreds of beautful projects delivered, you can have full confidence in hiring Angel Interiors.

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