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Bespoke Kitchens Bristol

Bespoke Kitchens Bristol

When it comes to Kitchens, there are a range of templated and bulk bought kitchens around, these definitely have their purpose and are a great fit for someone’s first home or potentially a letting property, however, as a company, we realise the need and want for Bespoke Kitchens and thoroughly enjoy helping our clients build their dream kitchen with our expert in house kitchen designers. There are a range of different Kitchen Brands that we work with including Symphony and Stoneham kitchens to name a few who provide high quality and competitively priced kitchen doors, surfaces, handles and everything in between. When buying a bespoke kitchen you are paying for craftsmanship, guidance and above all confidence in the company you are using to achieve the kitchen idea that you have in your head. This article will give you an overview of our process here at Angel Interiors, the brands we use and some recent projects that we have been working on.

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What are some of the main Kitchen brands that we work with?

Combined with more than 20 years of experience we have used most of the brands that are out there. With the knowledge gained over this time period, we only work with the best brands from a quality, price and longevity point of view. Because of this we predominantly work with Symphony and Stoneham kitchens to take our bespoke kitchen designs to the next level. The range from both of these manufacturers has everything you could need ranging from high-end minimalistic kitchen cabinets to your more traditional and contemporary kitchen designs. Through using these brands we know that we can guarantee a kitchen that will stand the test of time and be a constant wow factor to family, friends and guests.

Symphony Kitchens Brands

If you had a certain brand in mind that you wanted to work with we can discuss this with you and work together to ensure that your needs and requirements are factored into the project.

Some recent projects that we have worked 0n

We see ourselves not only as a bespoke kitchen provider but are here to help you with the full process from the design and consultation stage, preparation and building stage and right the way through to the completed kitchen. In order for you to get a feel for the sort of kitchens that we have worked on over the previous few months, we have attached a range of the images below. If there is a style of kitchen you like from the below we can work with you to tailor this and take it in a slightly different direction to provide you with a fully bespoke finished product.

Bespoke Kitchens Bristol

Shaker Kitchen

As you can see from the examples above there is a clear variety in both of the kitchens further highlighting the range of designs and kitchens that we work on. In addition to the picture above, you can check out some of our case studies by heading on over to the link provided to find a bit more information about certain projects.

Who are Angel Interiors?

Angel interiors are a family run business and we understand the importance of bespoke kitchens and spend a lot of time dedicated to reviewing our processes and standards so that we are able to meet and exceed clients expectations with each kitchen that we build. We are pleased to offer a Free design visit and also have a state of the art showroom that we encourage potential clients to come and see the range of work we are able to do.

If you have any questions about our Bespoke Kitchen service in Bristol then please do get in touch with the Angel Interiors team today.

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