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Bespoke Bathrooms in Bristol

Bespoke Bathrooms Bristol

Bespoke Bathrooms in Bristol

Whether you’re looking to update an existing bathroom or you’re designing a completely new space, there’s nothing as satisfying as having a bespoke space that fits both you and your home perfectly.

Here at Angel Interiors, we understand that your bathroom should be a place of relaxation and calm, where you can unwind and find time for yourself away from a busy lifestyle. That’s why we have a dedicated team of consultants. We will be able to work closely with you to make sure we create a bathroom that suits your requirements perfectly and brings your dream bathroom to life.

So, if you are in the market for a new bathroom, visit our showroom today or call us on 01275 595359 to request a free design visit.

Modern Bathroom Bristol

Our Bespoke Bathrooms

When designing a bathroom, it’s important to keep in mind modernity, serenity and quality. As a company, we take these three aspects and allow them to inspire all of the bespoke bathrooms we design. With calming tones and superior finishings, all our bathrooms encourage both positive thinking and relaxation.

Traditional Bathrooms

Traditional bathrooms and period decor are sure to bring style and charm to your space. Here at Angel Interiors, we understand the appeal for timeless design and can offer a selection of traditional fittings to make your dream traditional bathroom into a reality.

In recent years, a surge of vintage culture has led to the popularity of bathrooms with bathtubs inspired by history. Thanks to modern technology and processes, the materials are available to accurately recreate these beautiful bathtubs and even improve them in terms of quality. Many of our clients opt of a classic bathtub, for both stylistic continuities and to fit a specific aesthetic throughout their space.

Aside from bathtubs, we can also supply a range of toilets, basins, taps, showers and cabinets to help you create a bespoke, traditional space you love.

Modern Bathrooms

Another popular choice, especially in more-modern new build homes, is the modern bathroom. With a range of different fittings that we can provide, a modern bathroom is a perfect way to encapsulate and put a fresh, modern spin on vintage designs. As a result, modern bathrooms bring a space that is inviting, comfortable and interesting. Essentially, it will be a mix of both traditional and contemporary with a lot of creativity.

Contemporary Bathrooms

Combining simplicity, interesting textures and simple functionality, contemporary bathroom design can create the perfect environment for relaxation. It will also create a sense of extra space whilst geometric angular corners promote a feeling of cleanliness and order. Geometric shapes are quickly becoming a popular theme in contemporary bathrooms and look stylish. Yet, this doesn’t have to just cover your fixtures, as geometric shapes can also look fantastic in mirrors, radiators, towel racks and basins.

Contemporary Sink

Angel Interiors – The Home of Stylish Bespoke Bathrooms in Bristol

Whether you have a traditional, modern or contemporary space in mind or are simply looking for some inspiration, here at Angel Interiors we have been providing stylish and outstanding bespoke bathrooms throughout Bristol for over 20 years. As a company, we strive to make the process towards getting your dream bathroom as easy as possible and will handle all aspects from design to installation.

If you would like some more inspiration, be sure to visit our showroom to view our whole bathroom selection and put your questions to our bathroom design experts. You can also view a variety of visuals of our work on our gallery.

So, if you are interested in a new bespoke bathroom, be sure to request a free design consultation by calling us on 01275 595359.

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