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Your bathroom plays an important role as it not only provides the everyday sanitation we need but also a sanctuary in which we can relax, unwind and spend personal time. At Angel Interiors our bathroom designers  believe that the bathroom should represent what makes you feel comfortable, refreshed and at ease whether this is achieved through tiling, cabinet flooring or sanitation features themselves.

Buying a new bathroom is not a project that most people do regularly and it may seem like an overwhelming task with a lot of pressure to make the right call. At Angel Interiors this is exactly what we’ve done for over a decade so you can rest assured that we’ll guide you on every step of the way towards your dream bathroom.

The Fundamentals Of Bathroom Design

When you contact one of our bathroom designers we will provide an initial design consultation to find out what your want out of a new bathroom and for our bathroom designers to explore your ideas further and make suggestions if need be. It’s always best to have a clear as possible starting point from which to work so we would recommend following our four pillars of bathroom design. 

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Practical Requirements

It’s very tempting to dive head first into paint swatches, tiles and the latest jacuzzi bathtub but we recommend starting from scratch. What needs does your bathroom need to serve? How many people will be using it? How often will it be used? Are there children or people with physical mobility issues? A bathroom in a two bedroom flat will have less to fulfill than one in a 5 bedroom family house for example. Practicality must always be a primary consideration when designing your bathroom so be sure to establish your base priorities first. 


Budget is the single most important aspect of a bathroom remodel as this will determine what kinds of materials, fixtures and features you can use. You should determine an overall figure, this will then allow you to prioritise certain features of the bathroom above others eg. spend more on a bath than a toilet.

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The spatial order in which you choose to place sinks, baths, shower basins and toilets is very important in creating a functional environment which also looks great. For a complete remodel, planning out the layout of the bathroom is key to unlocking space and accentuating certain features. You should also consider the placement of water and waste pipes when conceptualising your layout as extending these can incur extra cost. 

Aesthetic Inspiration

This is the most creative and fulfilling area of the process where you can really determine the character of the room. Our bathroom designers can help bring your vision to life by suggesting a choice of tiles, flooring blinds, cabinetry, showers, taps and bathtubs. There are many different styles to choose from so whether you’ve spotted a pre-made concept or would like to custom build your own, we can help.

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A new bathroom is an exciting aspect of home improvement but it’s also a financial investment. We believe that everyone deserves more than a bathroom which is why we work collaboratively to give our clients something that will transform their homes.  

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